July 17, 2018


Online appointment booking for clinics, workshops, and other health related events.

  • Patients create and reschedule appointments as they need
  • Add multiple family members to one account making
    booking multiple appointments easier.

Secure server, sensitive data encrypted, penetration tested.

  • Health related data needs to be protected.
  • We adhere to best practice security measures including third party penetration testing to see if our measures are effective.

Your staff will thank you.

  • Instead of patients calling in to book an appointment, they can do it themselves online.
  • Your staff will be armed with a wealth of information
  • on the attendees before they arrive.
  • Detailed reports will facilitate the running of the clinics/events

It’s both a public website and private appointment management system.

  • Patients can schedule themselves on a website dedicated to your organization.
  • The website is easily managed and very customizable.
  • A private management area provides your staff with the tools needed to organize events.

Canada focused bilingual version.

  • Successfully serving Canadian public health units for years. Data is stored on Canadian servers.

Health industry focused.

  • From the security setup to the vaccines component, this solution was built on health industry needs.

Reduce no-shows with automated reminders.

  • Patients receive reminder opt-in texts and/or emails prior to their appointment.

Communicate with patients prior to or after the appointment.

  • Send important information before the appointment to all clinic/event specific attendees.
  • After the event, communicate with past attendees about future similar events.

Learn more about attendees before they arrive.

  • Ask any question and receive the answers in multiple formats during the booking process.
  • The system can enforce clinic specific requirements in order to be able to book an appointment.

Plays well with others.

  • Option to create customized exports to allow data to be imported into other systems.
  • Our team of software engineers can work with you to make magic happen.