Who is eHealth for?

eHealth Scheduling was created to ease the scheduling process for any organization who conducts health clinics, workshops, or screenings. Creating and managing appointments is simple for attendees and health care professionals are provided with the tools needed to efficiently run the health related events.

Health Workshops

Public Health Clinics

Public Health Clinics

Biometric Screening

Why Choose eHealth Scheduling?

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Save time.

  • Visitors schedule their own appointments online.
  • Staff can schedule and update information immediately.
  • Reports export simply to Excel or PDF files.

Handle emergencies efficiently.

  • Respond Quickly with immediate online updates.
  • Avoid lines and confusion with controlled scheduling.
  • Create public confidence with supplies that match demand.

Use resources wisely.

  • Avoid understaffing and overstaffing!
  • Always be prepared with supplies you need.
  • Have patients answer questions during scheduling through the questionnaire component.

Visit a demo web portal

We offer a Canadian version demo website (all data is stored in Canada) and a US version. Please visit the appropriate site to see a sample of what the client web portal looks like. All of the events in the demo are fake and we don’t expect that you will attend! But you will see how easy it is for the attendees to create and manage their appointments.

Request a guided tour

If you are interested in a demonstration of how eHealthScheduling works, please fill out the following form.